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Friday, July 08, 2005

That button I mentioned...

As it turns out, I can't modify the code for the navbar at the top of my blog, so here's the image I created to replace the "Next Blog" button:

And here's a large size version, for the hearing impared:

I was planning to also include a mouse-over image so the button said "3 in 5 wins!" or something when you pointed at it, but I didn't get to that seeing as how it's now useless anyways.

Ah well, let this be the last of the "Blogger is full of pr0n" statements from me. In the mean time, I'm actually joining a friend of mine in trying to drum up readership by commenting on other's blogs. It's a fun side-track while I'm at work and bored off my tree. If you're inclined to the occasional deep thought on the origins of life, the universe and everything can I recommend this blog for your reading and commenting pleasure.