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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Further again...

If you read my response to Nathan's comment on one of my previous posts, you'll notice a comment regarding my feelings that people perceive me as the young and inexperienced IT guy, and thus treat me like I know very little, if not nothing at all, of any real importance. It's that whole "work experience student"/apprentice mentality. This isn't always the case but it happens far more then I'd like.

Anyway, I just fixed a printer for a staff member here, and you know what they offered in thanks?

"Thankyou Justin. You're a good boy."

I officially feel demeaned. I'm a good boy? Well, that's nice to know. Not "thanks justin for not commenting how ridiculously stupid I am for not noticing the blinking orange light indicating my printer was out of toner", which probably would be more factual, but rather an observation that is completely malformed.
Number 1 - whether or not I'm "good" in the sense she's implied has no baring whatsoever on what I've just done for her.
Number 2 - The implication of the word "boy" here is not merely "a person of male gender", but rather " a child of male gender". Anyone else notice that I'm not in a stroller?

OK, if you voted "Yes" for me over reacting to this, then you're right. I have over reacted. I've just really had enough and am starting to consider leaving on a long holiday without indicating my intention to do so to anyone. It's not going to happen, but it's nice to dream. It lets me pretend that I can actually cope with all of this.

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