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Friday, September 28, 2007

Game Launch Goodness

It appears that the launch of that "Halo 3" game has interfered with the launch of the greatest FPS game known to man. Watch the video - comedic genius.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Something is wrong with the world...

The following image is a screen clip of my Facebook profile page. The application it's looking at is called Compare People, and it shows you the user picture of two of your friends, and asks you a comparison question like "Who is the most intelligent?". It then adds up the votes from all your friends and shows you what categories you got the most votes for.
Please observe the image below (highlight is mine):

This must be some new definition of the word "best" that I've yet to encounter. Either that, or we've just accidentally found a bug in the matrix. I vote bug in the matrix. That would be far more interesting. :)

UPDATE: It appears that the list only recalculates when you compare other people - so I have, and I've now lost my status as person with the best body. *sigh* That was shortlived. Oh well - Back to the diet I guess...