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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Click here for Pr0n!!

Some of you may have noticed that on most Blogspot blogs, there's a nifty little button in the top right-hand corner of the screen labeled "Next Blog". Having experimented with this button for the first time today, I've decided it should be re-labeled "Click here to play porn roulette" with perhaps a subtitle of "3 in 5 clicks get porn!"
You see, within the space of about 7 clicks of said button, I'd been to 3 blogs that simply consisted of links to porn, one that was the blog of a French hardcore porn producer (including photos), one that consisted of links to buisness loan information, and 2 legitimate blogs of people who may possibly like porn, but chose not to talk about it, so I guess we won't ever know.

I'll set about the task of re-labeling the button later. In the mean time, have a good evening.

1 comment:

Tam said...

Okay. For starters, there are easy ways to find it ;) But yes, I checked out your theory. First I got gibberish, then cancer research, an archealogical professor's blog, jaslyn's, amanda's, poker and just when I was ready to refute you claim I clicked on for the seventh blog...and got nude celeb pics.
I did find this blog though (crudity warning, not for kids) . The picture of the author alone is worth a look.