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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hardy fricken sarcstic har har

You know, I kinda knew this would happen, which is why I made my last post. People at my work have got snotty, because I attached a list to that email of all the staff who were over their quota, including their total data useage. I did this purely to aid people in getting their data down to the quota limit. But for some bizaare asanine reason, at least one person (I don't even know who) has got a bee in their bonnet about it, and told my boss, who then gave me crap about it.
I'm so over this. One more thing like this happens, I'm going to quit. People are so full of crap, and it's constant beaurocratic nonsence day after day. I setup stuff to make life better, and it gets pulled down over crap all personal agendas. I'M SO SO MAD!!!

Oh, and I got the following from my boss:

In future could you please run emails like this where people are
named in a list past me.

Nice to see some support for me and my supposed sphere of authority. Oh, and he copied this email to his boss, just so I knew that I am a lowly piece of unnecissary scum. I'm now not allowed to write emails, and my boss's boss has been notified.

I am so going to quit. Anyone got a job for me?

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Tam said...

Well we do need someone at the pizza shop now, seeing as someone recently quit without notice...problem is it's only part-time. And it makes sticking to a healthy diet in order to be successful at the gym hard. I kind of had a pizza for dinner tonight...just a medium one though...but I ate it all myself.