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Monday, May 02, 2005

We are SUCH cheapskates...

Well, we just made an offer on the house I mentioned in a previous post. $200,000 with a 7% donation to HomeEasy. This means that we minimise on our debt, but the vendor is only netting $186,000 on the property. However, they are the government, and I really believe the property is only worth this much. It is SO going to be God's doing if we get this at this price.

Just a few things of note I'd like to share about this property:
  1. It is in a part of the street known as "The Ghettos".
  2. It is BADLY flood affected, with a ratio above 1:100.
  3. It has been vacant for 4 months, and the Ghetto locals have been using it as common land, which includes kicking holes in the downstairs enclosing walls.
  4. It is the only property on the market at the moment that meets our criteria for both attributes and price.

See, point 4 really means I have to ignore the previous three. We can't change the locals, we can't change the flood plain, but we CAN get in, renovate like there's no tomorrow and then sell for a profit. Hence the need to get this at the most absolute rock bottom price ever, so we have a little money to make some serious improvement.

So hey, if we get it, someone needs to nominate us for one of those renovation shows, K?

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