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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Just a note

Just thought I'd mention that I've noticed nearly all of my blog entries begin with me saying how bad I'm feeling on that particular day. You might conclude from this that I'm always unhappy. This however is not the case. I just thought I'd let you know the truth is that I just blog when I'm unhappy. Although, I also blog occasionally when I'm exceptionally happy - the HomeEasy rant is a classic example.

Should also chuck in a quick paragraph about my son's dedication today. If you remember back in March, I wrote this little gem after being stuffed around with the whole dedication process. Well, after that we postponed the event until today, and along the way we simply gave up on trying to make it something special and convinced ourselves it just wasn't going to be a big deal. I think that was the best thing we ever did, because seeing we had no expectations, they got met and exceeded. It was a really nice morning. Things were screwy right up until the day before, but our 7 minutes were just special enough to make me forget about it all and just feel kind of good about the whole thing. I think the nicest part for me was that my wife had written a song for today, and the guy in charge of the music had changed it pretty dramatically, and we said OK even though we weren't really sure about how we felt about that - but he made a point of coming up to us after this morning's service and asking us if we were happy with it and how we think it came across. I just really appreciated him making that effort. It meant a fair bit in the face of all this church not-goodness.

OK, it's way too late for a Sunday night. More bloggy goodness to come, just needing sleep now...

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