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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Oh my GOSH!!!

Firstly, official pictures of the PS3. I'm starting to save for this NOW.

But what really got me was a link from a mate of mine who was sitting at a hotel bar in L.A. surfing the pre-E3 release footage prior to attending the actual event tomorrow. It's a remake of the opening to one of the greatest games of ALL TIME - Final Fantasy VII. And although you require paid GameSpot access to see the link he sent me, by the power of my blog, I will make LINKAGE FOR YOU ALL!! (20Mb) This is footage rendered in REAL TIME by the Playstation3.

(Maybe right-click the link, and choose "Save target as..." Media Player might be less annoying that way.)


Joel Baltaks said...

This is cool! I wonder how the marketshare will go between ps3 and xbox 360. I can only really see myself getting one of the two - I try to avoid devotion to a particular company's line of products, but even still I can see it's probably more likely that I'll get the xbox. A big part of it for me is to get the same one as some friends so we can LAN, but that's group psychology because it's just kinda about what everyone else is doing. As far as I know, the ps3 looks to be bigger and better than the xbox, but it comes out a bit later. Hmmmm...

And I might just be too busy playing Halo 3 to worry about anything at that stage :-)

Justin Warner said...

See, if you observe in the photos of the PS3, there are 3 ethernet ports there!!! To me, that can only speak of large amounts of LANing goodness, or perhaps something we just haven't thought of yet. w00t! PS3 for me!