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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Workin workin workin...

I'm at work at the moment. Not coping too well either. I'm not very useful when I'm sick, and I'm in the office on my own. My coworkers have conveniently found other work to do that involves them being completely uncontactable and me having no idea of what they are doing or where exactly they are. They are too clever. I should have thought of that.
More later...

{the next day - 11:22am}
You know what I love? Drugs. Not the illegal variety, mind you. Just over-the-counter, pharmacy or perscription. Oh, and a bit of herbal never goes astray either. They are just plain cool. Mind you, I only like stuff that I know goes in, does it's job, and gets the heck outta there. Immunisation and stuff like that I think is a bit scary... Goes in, makes some major change, and hangs around for the rest of your life. Not quite so pleasent.

Here's where I am at the moment:

This is my office. Well, actually, it's the server room too, and the office of at least 2 other people, and more often then not, there's 3 others. My computer(s) are the ones on the left, and that's where I spend the vast majority of my life. Sad, yeah? I think so. I mean, there's a couple of problems here. One is that the organisation I work for will employ 3 people and shove them in a room that's proberbly about right for 1.5 people. And then they'll put 7 odd servers in there, which makes it about right for 0 people, because the noise drives you crazy. So how much value do they place in their IT department? Hmm, not much.

Here's me today:

w00t for my iPaq camera. I'm feeling like someone's filled my head with melted cheese today, so please excuse the not-goodness of my appearence. I just thought it was time for a photo or two.

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