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Monday, March 07, 2005

Look at me, look at me, I want everyone to look at me! ON STARQUEST!

Well, hey. I've been planning to do this forever, and finally, here it is. A place for me to unload my ideas and (more commonly) my cranky-ass beefs with the world for everyone to observe, ponder, and maybe point and laugh.
I'm at work at the moment. That comment for people who know me will conjour up many long conversations about the reasons why my workplace makes me unhappy. I work at a school as an Systems Admin, and of all the places on earth someone could work supporting a computer network, a school would have to be the most hellish. Especially this school. The reasons for this are simple: Teachers are very aware of the fact that the buisness of the school hinges on their profession, not yours. This means that in a school with 160 odd staff, they all consider themselves my boss. Can you imagine what it's like to have 160 bosses? It is t3h 3v1L. My only consolation is in the fact that I manage the firewall, and therefore can spend what little downtime I can organise chatting to my wife, or downloading anime off bittorrent. Ah, bittorrent.
Alright, well. This is not what I will expect my standard blogging to look like, but I thought seeing as I've never written anything on here before, I'd start with a piece of crap about just what I'm pondering at the second I create this blog. w00t. There it is.

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