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Friday, March 11, 2005

Small Celebrations

Those who know me best know that my biggest gripe in life is being under appreciated. No place is this more of an issue for me then in my job. The vast difference between what my job description says I do, and what I ACTUALLY do is astronomical. Actually, I'd suggest the astronomical difference is just a bit under 100K a year. I have constructed an entire directory-based managed network infrastructure for nearly 400 clients, all of which I can manage from a single workstation. There are a few small exceptions to this (which is a cause of much unhappiness on my behalf), but the quality of my work I believe to be extremely high. However, the people who should be noticing this (being my boss, the executive, etc.) don't seem to give a rip. I think my boss might even be "fudging" the direction of appreciation by using the royal "We". You know what I mean - things like: "What we've done, is we've upgraded the internet bandwidth, and then optomised the firewall policy to prioritise... etc, etc." Now, this makes him look fantastic, because he is the head of the "we", and makes the decisions, and so it must be his doing when things improve, right? Except he's trained as an electrical engineer and I don't think he understands much beyond the difference between a switch and a router. Even then, he wouldn't cope with the details of a routing protocol.

Anyways, on to the point. I got a call today from the head of a company we deal with semi-regularly at work. They do software development, and we have one of their products. I've worked alongside their developers a lot, and they seem to have been well impressed with my sysadmin knowlege. Anyways, he said that they needed to setup a particular server configuration including establishing an Active Directory forest, it needed to work first off, and that he'd like to pay me to set it up for them. He said they thought I'd be best for the job. OK, I am so STOKED!! It's so awesome to have someone say "Hey, your work is awesome" (not in those words necissarily...) and even better when they say "...and I want to pay you money for it."

Today officially rocks.

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