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Monday, May 12, 2008

New Concerns

For me, this blog has for a very long time now been my source of outlet when life gets difficult or frustrating. I've talked about everything from Americanism, to job and life disappointments, family tragedy, anime translation, music copyright issues, ancient relationship hangups, responding to ancient relationship hangups, circumsicion, the state of copyright law, and recently cancer.
One thing that has made this quite appealing has been the level to which I can be honest about how I feel. I've offended the occasional person in doing so, but for the most part I have written how I honestly feel, and no ill has come of displaying that level of honestly.
However, for the first time now, I'm starting to be careful what I say. You may have noticed the recent lack of content, and following slew of random photos, and this is all because I've started to feel uneasy about being honest in a forum that is so open. Actually, I've started feeling uncomfortable about being proactively honest in general. My "safe people" that I could confide in when I was feeling stressed and distressed have become fewer and further between, and so I think that's resulted in a bunch more just keeping things to myself. It's just easier that way. While there were always things that I wouldn't publish on my blog, the threshold has just dropped across the board, meaning that now the stuff that fueled my enraged blog posts of the past I don't really feel like I can share on here.
However, this isn't a close to this blog. More just an explanation of why there's less stuff on here of late, and perhaps more uninteresting or less meaningful posts. This may change - who knows? Just thought I'd fill you all in...

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gwenboleyn said...

Dude, just rant. It's alright. Trust me its a lot better than keeping that stuff inside.

I do the same thing, trying to leave out names completely. If I feel the need to give a name, I'll give the person a nickname instead. :)

Don't worry about offending people. As long as you're not racist/sexist in your blog...then why would people be offended? Everyone's entitled to their opinions.

Just my two cents,