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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The true evils of the Fitball Squat

Some of you may recall the name "Gerti" from this post not so long ago, and also the associated "fit ball squat" debarcle described within. Well, this morning I felt much better about the whole incident, and here's why:

As I was leaving the gym this morning, our young Gerti was against the wall with a fitball, looking just about as awkward as anyone doing a fitball squat does. She'd mistakenly chosen to wear something that was just a little unflattering, and I think was feeling incredibly self-conscious about the fact that I (not to mention everyone else in the gym) was there, which is awesome because that's exactly how I was feeling when I was the one with the squatting and the fitball and stuff. It was kind of like karma, but in a more selfish, vindictive sense.

However, what happened next actually transformed my glee into a small amount of remorse. My good friend who I go to the gym with was walking with me as I was leaving, and just as we left the gym, but still well within earshot of young Gerti, he delivered a blow that would be incredibly devastating to any girl at the gym, especially to one in the middle of doing fitball squats:

See! I told you she was podgy.


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha I don't think she was in earshot least I hope not.
(I'm too ashamed to leave my name, though deductive reasoning will point me out...)
BUT. No one believed me when I said she'd put on weight. Everyone said she looked the same as she always did. I feel with that in mind my comment was justified ;)

Justin Warner said...

She so would have heard you - we were only just through the door, and you weren't exactly whispering!

I actually was thinking to myself that she probably thought it was me that said it. ;) Ah well - such is life.

Nathan Zamprogno said...

Oooh! You'll never know if she heard but that's gotta hurt. What am *I* talking about? I'm the king of blunt! At least she's doing something about it though Maybe, if she heard, she is now powerfully motivated to become "the biggest loser" and then give your (nameless) Gym companion a great big wedgie.

Justin Warner said...

...or maybe she went home and chucked up her breakfast, this being the beginning of her bulemic (sp?) spiral downwards towards... um... Where do bulemic people end up?

Oh that's right - they become supermodels. :) w00t for society holding up unrealistic and unhealthy ideals! w00t for McDonalds being a staple of a balanced diet! And w00t for puppies. Puppies are nifty.

Joel Baltaks said...

Puppies! Yay for puppies.

Or, expressed mathematically:


FS = Fitball Squats
reality = crazy

I like the ring of "puppies to the power of good". Makes the world seem a better place.