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Friday, May 09, 2008

Redefining "updates"

So I'm working on a staff member's computer today, and they've got this older CD based program that requires Quicktime in order to use, but the version on the CD is too old to work with Vista. OK, no worries, we'll install the latest version and hopefully it'll fix it up. Which is what I do. I grab the Quicktime only installer (that is, the one that isn't bundled with iTunes) and install it. When it asks about Apple Updater, I think "yeah, that'd be useful" and so install it also. That way, he'll be kept up-to-date.
Later on, I'm working on the machine doing some other stuff, and up jumps Apple Update. It has 3 updates for me to install - an update for itself, and update for Quicktime, and... iTunes. As in, it has the iTunes+Quicktime installer listed, with a check in the checkbox ready for me to obediently click "Install".
Now, last time I checked "update" meant to take a piece of software you've already chosen to install and replace the required files to bring it into line with the latest version. Not to install a piece of software that I've purposefully avoided installing onto this person's laptop. Your average user probably wouldn't even check - they'd just install whatever Apple Update told them they needed. Can you imagine the kind of fall out Microsoft would get if they tried something like this? A pre-selected Windows update installs their prefered brand of picture viewer? They've already had to pull Media Player out of the EU version of Windows because apparently bundling a media player with your OS is anti-competitive.

Anyway, gripe of the day. Enjoy.

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