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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Random stuff

Here's a few random things I've been thinking about posting, but none of them deserved a whole post:

I didn't get my PSP. My parents were in HK and were going to get one for me, but I'd told them if they were over AU$300, then don't bother. They were around the AU$350 mark, so they didn't bother. I'm pretty bummed about not getting it tho...

I finished Halo 2. Unlike the end of the first game, this one reeked of "there's another game coming, so we're not going to give you a real proper ending." Like Quake 2. Except that Quake 2's ending was the most abominable piece of crap ever to come out of any game studio ever, and Halo 2's was just... lazy.

It's come to my attention that the women with the most relationship hangups are the ones who come from strained or broken marriages. If your wife's dad had an affair or left his wife, then you can pretty much guarantee you're going to have to put in some hard yards. Just something I noticed...

My little boy fell down some stairs at a party we were at on the weekend, and really messed his face up quite badly. We left straight away, and made a quick stop at the hospital to get him checked out (it was a public holiday, so no GPs were open). As we expected, they just said to clean him up with some water and he'll get better on his own. I have an ultra-cute photo of him I took this morning of him with his bumps and grazes, but his mum said she'd prefer I didn't post it. You'll just have to trust me that he's extremely cute regardless of injury.

We're still looking for a new church. I'm getting to desperation point a bit, as I'm starting to let myself slide (for those feeling judgmental today, "slide" does not equal "backslide"). Being involved in church stuff really helps me keep focused. We're going to our cell group tonight, which we haven't done in a while, so hopefully that will kick my spiritual intensity up a few notches, as currently it's at the quite descriptive level of "Meh." It's like the terrorist threat level - and it goes something like this:
  1. (highest) AWESOME!! (in this place!)
    [5 nights a week at church + 2 services]
  2. Going to the NEXT LEVEL! (tm)
    [3-4 nights a week + 2 services]
  3. Potential Leader/BV
    [2-3 nights a week + 2 services]
  4. "Sitting on the bench for a bit"
    [1-2 nights a week + 1 service]
  5. "Has issues/attitude problem"
    [1 night a week + 1 service]
  6. Meh.
    [1 service as much as possible]
  7. Bitter
    [1 service. Maybe. If I feel like it.]
  8. Lazy.
    [Christmas and Easter]
  9. Backslider (or alternatively "Burnt out from being at level 1 too long")
    [Never. Or at least mostly never.]
  10. (lowest) Dirty Pagan.
    [Never goes, and despises those who do. And smells. Bad.]

That list is unfortunately an amalgamation of different ideas which in themselves would have been funny, but as amalgous mass are kind of hard to follow. Anyway, the colours are nifty... wooooooo.... colours.....
Anyhoo - a trip to cell will bump me up to level 5, and probably be good and encouraging at the same time. I like cell group. Ours is a really great bunch of people.

The reason I have time to write this, is that I'm at work and was doing some server reconfig stuff today. We changed around our VLAN dohickies and so had some IP configmalajig to do, and my DCs had a fit, but I fixed them in record time and so now have nothing to do. w00t!

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Joel Baltaks said...

Cool and varied post, which I feel needs my varied reply. :)

Shame about the PSP... crazy corporate bigwigs overcharging! Bah!

Yeah, Halo 2 just sorta ends. Although you do get a good old fashioned boss fight at the end (although he wasn't 700 feet tall. But he did have an invincibility shield).

I agree that people naturally tend to follow in their parents' footsteps. I would say the best approach is to try to clearly recognise some behaviour that you don't want to replicate and make a conscious effort to do otherwise. I reckon everyone goes through this...

I hope your cute boy gets all better soon... once again projecting large amounts of cuteness on the world...

The church scale is a cool idea. I wouldn't say that your position on this scale is a complete indication of your spiritual intesity, though, since it's more measuring your involvement with the church rather than your involvement with God. The "Backslider" comment about being at level 1 for too long makes me think that you (at least partially) agree with me... your stability with God is more important than climbing this scale. Having said that, church is really really good to be in, of course.

Good luck with all further configamajigaling and wadoohicky tweaking of thumingigy technical thingys. And spanners.