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Monday, October 17, 2005

Driving is fun

This afternoon, I'll be going on a rather long drive. To a place known as "Belrose". It's near Frenches Forest, apparently. What's interesting is the reason I'm going there. I have a job interview! I can't write too much right now, as I'm in my office at my current job, but lets just say I'm pretty stoked they asked me for an interview. I actually think that I'll get the job - it's just whether or not I decide that it's worth the humungeous travel arrangements. We'll see...

Oh, and for those who didn't know, I'll be 26 years old this coming Sunday. Yay for birthdays. They're fun.


hayley b said...

YAY JUSTIN!!!! It's great to hear that you have an interview! Good luck! Gambatte!!

Tam said...

Yes yes! Birthdays are always fun as well! Maybe you should post a link to an Amazon wish list so people who don't know you can send you lots of Birthday presents when they stumble on your blog :)