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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury...

... I put it to you that based on the fact that I've had enough time in my day to write in my blog, or surf the internet for the past month of work days, that we do not need another person in our department to help us handle the load of work. Even though my boss has asked that money be put aside for another person to join us part-time next year, I think they should reinvest that money into more nifty technology, or perhaps my wages. There is so little to do that I'm considering firewalling all our domain contollers off from each other just to see what happens. Or perhaps re-routing all our internal email through a mail relay in Cuba. Or perhaps setting a next hop on our default route in our edge router with a metric of -1, and then publishing the routing tables to any router that will listen. I heard some guys in middle america tried that once. Their router literally melted as the entire internet tried to route traffic through them. Fun!

Crazy facts:
  1. My current location in the StarOcean:TTEoT universe: The town of Whipple, Elcoor 3.
  2. Most ridiculous name for a town ever due to sounding like a body part: Whipple
  3. Cost to register my car today: $550
  4. Estimated percentage of available money consumed by rego cost: 163.2%
  5. Estimated percentage of rego money that I wanted to spend on anime: 16.36363636
  6. Daily coffee count: 2
  7. Number of babies at staff morning tea this morning: 3
  8. Number of babies who puked at staff morning tea this morning: 1 (thankfully)
  9. Number of denied attempts by students to surf pr0n today: 4
  10. Number of denied attempts by students to surf misc. bad stuff: 118
  11. Urban Dictionary Word of the Day: assvice (means unwanted advice)
  12. Name I'd most like none of my friends to pick for their kids: Gertrude
  13. And I'm outta ideas...

Apparently it's trendy amongst bloggers on occasion to do a "100 things about me" post. One day it will come... I don't know if I can think of 100 things about me really, but I can definatley give it a shot.

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Tam said...

If we had a girl this time I put forward a suggestion for Beatrice Gertrude ____. Of course I was shot down...Don't know why, I would have though Cessel is more a name to worry about, especially as a boys name...