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Friday, September 16, 2005

A couple of things...

Firstly, about my boss. People have commented "I hope your boss never reads your blog" and stuff like that, and so I thought I'd take a second to clarify something. Apart from the events in my last post, my boss is a generally decent guy. He is plesent to be around, takes good care of his family, and is usually fairly genuine. We've had many conversations about various things like theology and family and stuff, and it's been great. He's really an all-around nice guy. He's even a decent boss, in that he gives us a lot of freedom with taking leave, etc. The only problem I have with him is that he just doesn't have the skills to do the job he's doing, and yet he's still trying to do it as if he does. I guess it's fair enough that he try to maintain his positional superiority, but it just irks me because I know we're wasting a lot of time, money and effort. Also, he'll often resort to dodgy tactics to maintain his authority (and sometimes attempt to expand it), the worst of which from my perspective was the contents of my last post. However, this isn't uncommon in this place. People do the dodgy on a daily basis.

Right, now that I've done that, on to the other thing: WIDGETS!
I've become rather a widget addict. Thanks to this dandy program, the world of wigets is no longer confined soley to those running Mac OS 10.4. I think it's great that I can have a stack of useful (and not so useful) little doohickies all over my desktop, and the Konspose option means I can choose when they're there, and when they're not with the push of a button. (btw, I know this was a Mac idea. However, as much as I love my widgets, I'm not going to change operating systems over them. Just thought I should clear that up.)
I have a rather large collection, including a Google searcher, quick finder, Word of The Day, Coffee Time Alarm, easy command-line access, and a stack more. My favorite widget of the moment is Cornholio. There's nothing like having a nifty little character you can double-click who will respond vocally with gems like:

"I am the great Cornholio! I need TP for my bunghole!"

Or my personal favorite

"You can take me, but you will never take my bunghole...heheh...for I am the great Cornholio..heh... I have no bunghole..."

It's a wonderous age of technology we live in... hehheh... crappuccino?


Grant said...

Only one comment, an IT Manager is exactly that - the guy who manages the IT Team. In each place that I have worked, the IT Manager knew less technically than the people below... probably because the role of a manager doesn't allow as much time to be involved on a technical level. So, I have no problem with your boss not being as proficient as you. That being said, if he is trying to make out that he is the one who knows all and doing the work then he is doing the wrong thing.

Justin Warner said...

Grant - yeah, that's really the issue. He's making poor decisions based on knowlege he thinks he has but doesn't. The example I mentioned the other day was exactly it - he decided to give the task of managing and administering our SharePoint Portal application to the work experience guy because the work experience guy has "web design skills". You can see the problem here, yeah?

Justin Warner said...

Sorry for double-posting, but there's one other thing - I never said he was a good manager. He hasn't really got any management skills either...