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Monday, April 18, 2005

This is just cool...

OK, those who know me very well will know that I LOVE this stuff. I read something once that explained in what to me appeared to be complete logic, that we really should be assuming conspiracy from governments, as history shows us that men who have power maintain it through deception. Anyways, think what you like. Conspiracy theories still rock. :D

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Nathan Zamprogno said...

I think "yay" and "damn" at the same time. I too, went through exactly this exercise independantly last week but was slow enough on the uptake to forget to blog about it. I too, noted the fact that the Area 51 base is easily visible and yet certain areas to the north of the base are pixellated out. What's weirder is that civilian map
services like terraserver at least uses
a Russian satellite
(not sure about Google maps); so how do the U.S apply pressure to ensure that certain areas remained "blanked out" in the national interest?
The wonderful thing about commerce is that as soon as one person can make a quid out of selling something (in this case, hi res photos from space), then you can be sure that soon after there will be two, and then three...

So what happens when a French website start offering commercial hi res photos from a privately launched, privately owned satellite? Or a Russian website? Or a Chinese one? I can't see the US Government enforcing censorship on those photos, and the Google map green-circles-of-mystery is the surest way for the government to
basically say "Hey! You, internet geek who goofs off during work time
to look at google maps instead of real work! These photos are here to
ensure that, 12 months from now when you can access uncensored photos
of the same area, you'll know exactly where to look to see the
flying saucers."

It's going to get real interesting when unmanned aerial vehicles
or semi-autonomous grasshopper robots with megapixel cameras and
shortwave uplinks are being released by curious amercian citizens to
infiltrate places like area 51. It's a nightmare any government with
secrets doesn't want. Stay tuned.