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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Just a small follow-on...

Following on from a comment made on the last post, I thought it best to clarify my story a little, and an edit just looked too messy, so I made a new post. If you haven't read the previous post to this one, you'll need to before this makes sense. Maybe read the comments too.

My wife and I completely understood when we went to the hospital that our child didn't fall into the emergency basket. Nor did we believe that we belonged in the "urgent" category. We just wanted to see someone, even if they said we'd have to sit and wait for hours to do it. The problem was, we were told to go home. Even our GP was shocked by this when we told him. The long version of the story would have explained this better, but as I mentioned, I lost that after I'd typed it all out and couldn't be bothered typing it again. I guess I should have been bothered! :)

Oh, and also, can I just request that if you want to comment, you use the option to attach your name to it. Just so I know the difference between the Annonymouses!! :)

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