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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Useless weapon in new game

The above link will take you to a description of a weapon in the upcoming game Hellgate: London, which looks to be a fairly epic 1st person shooter. However, when I saw the description of this weapon, I had to laugh. Quote:

The Cricketbat

Max mod slots: 1 relic

A common item used for generations on pitches around the world, these sanctified versions can crush the skull of a demon as swiftly as England winning the Ashes.

So... use this weapon and die? :) Probably not the most choice of description, seeing as how England almost never win the Ashes, and we flog the pants of them on a regular basis. Maybe we should revise it to read "...can crush the skull of a demon as swiftly as England getting absoluely trounced by Australia in the Ashes." Probably would better convey the imagery they're aiming for...


Tam said...

While I don't follow sport, you can be sure that this weapon will place the game within a specific time frame in retrospect. After all, England didn't win the ashes last year... :D

Tam said...

Well they may have, at the time of writing the previous comment I thought Australia had already won the ashes for 06/07. Turns out they won it today. Oh well, the other part of my comment is still relevant.