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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ask The Readership #1

I don't know if I still actually have a readership, but assuming for a moment that I do, I've decided I should ask you all to help me answer a question.
Today is the 3rd day in a row that I've been completely dismotivated at work. There are things that contribute to this about the work and the buisness's practices, but ultimately I just need to pull the metaphorical finger out.
So what do people do to get/stay motivated? When you're in a rut, how do you get out? Are there things you find help? What about things that hinder that you can avoid? Please make comment - I'd be quite keen to hear how people get through periods of no motivation.


Nathan Zamprogno said...

When I get into a funk, I try and do a couple of things.

1. I'll make an effort to eat proper meals, at proper times, instead of arriving at 3pm and wonder why I've been staring, motionless at my screen for 10 minutes because I forgot lunch.

2. I'll identify the chief time-waster (usually surfing) and ban myself from doing it for that day.

3. I'll go to my whiteboard and make a big list of to-dos. Half the list will be things I've already done so I can tick them off straight away. That always makes me feel good.

Tam said...

Yes....that's a tough one. I like the sound of Nathan's number three the most, though what works for you will undoubtly vary.

For me, the first thing I do is re-evaluate the reason why I'm at that particular workplace, (though I also use these techniques for uni work). At the moment (for me) it's because I have no other options that are sensible. Once that's sorted out, I look at what I gain in the pleasure stakes at work.

For example, if Nathan's chief time waster is surfing, it is quite possible that this is the thing he derives pleasure from at work. So one idea would be to use this as a reward for completeing a specific set of tasks, or spending a certain amount of time being prodcutive.

I really enjoy watching films and reading Dilbert comics. So for my uni work I allow approximately five minutes of reading Dilbert comics per hour of actual productive study. Then, if I have stuck at this for quite a good number of hours I allow myself to watch a film in the evening or, *ahem*, a TV program on my computer.

Obviously these techniques may not be feasible in your current situation, though some may be adaptable?

In terms of my actual work. I have no choice. I NEED to be there. Though if it got to the point where I wasn't getting anything at all out of it, I would look at options for another workplace. Sometimes if this isn't an option, the only thing you can do is stick it out (and pray).

Hope you can get something out of this, though my situation is very different from your's and Nathan's, in fact, it's different from any corporate life...