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Thursday, March 16, 2006

And me with a mortgage...

See above link.

PS3 - worldwide, in November. Time to start saving. I reckon around $1000 at this point.

Gee, who'd pay $1k for a gaming console? Ah, that'd be: me.


Tam said...

Somehow I'm guessing that if it stays around that mark then it's going to have a very select market. Then again, since I have only used my Xbox about 5 times and my PS2 even less, I don't think I'm really eligble for an opinion...

Meg Hitchick said...

G'day Justino!
Can I send a big fat "I HEAR YA!" out to you and your last six or so posts?! (Except all the techno-waffle that I freely admit to skipping over - my offering to the IT world is pure unadulterated ignorance). I'm going through a similar phase - vocational dysfunction, mortgage misery and bafflement over the price of gaming consoles.
And I NEVER thought I would look back on the Centrelink days fondly, but... life throws curveballs huh?
Send some email! I don't know ur address!