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Monday, August 15, 2005

Facts about w00t.

Here's some stuff I learned today:
  1. w00t is becoming more common. Today, a 16y.o. girl at my work who isn't known to be a gamer sent an email containing the word "wh00t!" Although this spelling is a slight bastardisation, it's still w00t!
  2. According to a contest on Merriam-Webster Online, "w00t!" is the third most popular word used in popular culture that is not in the dictionary.
  3. The emoticon "\o/" apparently means "w00t!" I had no idea.
  4. Some clever person created a "backronym" of w00t! for use in FPS games, which is: We Owned the Other Team. This person should be found and shot.
  5. Wikipedia maintains that w00t originally came from a rap song called "Whoot, there it is" which was released around the same time as the closely-named "Whoomp, there it is" - which was by a different artist. The second song I've heard of, but the first is news to me. Anyway, i'm not really seeing this as the birthplace of w00t!
  6. That's it. All done.



Tam said...

According to Wikipedia the use of wewt (apparently a fair game spelling) is declining. Therefore the task ahead of us gentleman is to reignite the flame for Sw00t! Every day we must use the term w00+! I myself will take on the task of reinjecting the term w007 into the lives of university students!

(Enough bastardisations of wh00t for you? According to Wiki they're all valid...hehe hope you haven't fainted from all this misuse :) )

hayley b said...

Yay for w00t being more widely used! I think w00t will replace the word "cool" eventually!