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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Children and Evenings

Tonight, my wife and I were supposed to go to our bible study group. During the day, I'd chatted breifly with the guy who organises it, and I'd said we'd be there. My wife is always more excited about going then me, so I thought for sure that she'd be up for it, and I guess in a way she was. The problem is our 14-month old son. He's beautiful, and clever, and is growing everyday - but he's also probably the most difficult obsticle to going out that I've ever faced. Today, he didn't sleep all day. This isn't normal for him, and is a terrible sign of things to come for my wife, because shortly he'll be up pretty much all day every day, and she'll never get a break. Anyway, as for tonight, it meant that at about 6pm he went to bed. And that was it for us. No night out, no hanging out with friends doing stuff.
Kids, hey. You love them, but they do consume your life. Like right now: He's asleep, I don't need to do anything for him, and I can't play with him or anything, but at the same time he's consuming every second of my time. How bizaare is that?


Dr Zaius said...

I posted something for you in your Science Rant.


hayley b said...

Justin, this is why my husband and I are not in a hurry to jump on the baby band wagon (as cute as babies are, I know how much of a reponsiblity they are, as well as how time consuming they are, and that they are not always so cute - especially at 3am when they are screaming and you can't figure out what the problem is). Children seem to require that their parents lives revolve around them and their routine. The only way to get around not being able to go out and hang with friends, is to have friends at your place, have one of you stay home while the other goes out, or volunteer to have your bible study at your house (not neccessarily a possibility considering the number of people to loungeroom space ratio...). Unfortunately there's not much you can do about it. Until he is much older and able to look after himself when you are out, your time will very much be consumed. Times change when you have kids, but that doesn't mean life can't still be fun, right? :)

Nathan Zamprogno said...

Yes, babies demand 110% of your time, but hey, that's the deal when you signed up. I (occasionally) pine for an evening or a weekend to myself, and it's worth noting that these still do happen, with a little give and take between my spouse and various grandparents crawling over themselves to get dibs on our little one. Me? I couldn't be happier, largely as a pragmatic realisation that wishing otherwise would not make it so. The rewards far outweigh the costs. So, to all our childless friends.... Join us... join us... join us (much maniacal laughing, frothing at mouth, mad look & much wringing of hands)