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Monday, July 24, 2006

Interface Design

Pop a copy of Filemaker Pro 8 in your CD drive, and you'll be presented with the following screen:

Now, these buttons don't have tooltips or text labels. So you tell me - what do they do? Now, one assumes that the first button will be "install" and so that makes guessing that one pretty easy. But what about the other two? Without some substantial pondering, their purpose is about as clear as Turkish coffee.

Yay for form over function!


Joel Baltaks said...

Totally. A UI should have words accompanying the images, for clarity.

I'd guess the options are:
1. Install
2. Meditate upon what has been installed
3. Transcend program to higher plane of existance

It's a three step process for enlightening your mac.

Mr Walsh said...

Well I just got reading glasses so I would've thought the middle graphic means "if you can't read this screen clearly, see your optometrist'.

Hi Justin, showing Yr10 blogs and thought I would show them yours. Cheers, Phil Walsh