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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Life Update

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  • House
    So we've been trying to buy a house. I've posted on this a few times, but at the moment we've made an offer on a duplex in Bligh Park and we're waiting to hear back. We were pretty pleased with the real estate agent too, which was unusual. However, I think she's a bit worried she might not close the deal, and has tried to divert our interest onto another smaller property. Not interested. Stupid real estates. :P Still, hopefully I can post about us buying this place shortly. We should hear next week. If you are of the praying persuasion, please pray!
  • Work
    So I'm into my last couple of weeks of work. It's pretty weird changing jobs like this. This is my first fulltime position, so change is a little more difficult then I thought it would be to pack up and move on. Still, two weeks and it'll be done. I've tried really hard to leave the door open for me to come back if they can offer me a better position in the future. It's a nice place to work. It was just my situation in the organisation that was problematic for me.
  • Church
    Well, although we piked out this morning, we have been going to Hawkesbury Valley Baptist Church and really, really enjoying it. It's a great church. We're about to get involved in some stuff there like kids ministry and the music, which will be quite refreshing. For me, I'm going to love having the opportunity to drum again. It's been quite a while, and playing at church is a great way to serve. I like it I like it a lot. :)
  • Me
    Someone told me once that by about 30 you've sorted out your life, and are a bit more comfortable in who you are and what your priorities are. Well, although I've got a few years to go to 30, I think the beginning of this year is the start of that for me. I've started thinking about what I need to do to achieve the things I'd like to. I was a bit disheartened when I found some goals I'd written in 2002 that I've completely failed to achieve, so I'm hoping I can actually start putting some honest effort into making things happen.

Anyway... just some updates.

Oh - and has anyone noticed that songs in 6/8 really rock? I never thought about it before...


Nathan Zamprogno said...

Yay Justin, Yay Justin (picture Nathan with pom poms on the metaphorical playing field of life, cheerleading Justin on. OK. Don't. I just did and the mental imagery is far too disturbing.

When we were looking for a house we realised that the same amount of money can buy you a house in Bligh Park or a house in, say, Richmond. This so totally isn't a pitch for you to just live closer to us (although that would be cool). My illustration is practical: You can almost tell how old a house is by the size of the yard it comes with. Thus, Noel's place in South Windsor is post-war and has a lovely big yard. Our house is 70's-era and we certainly enjoy having the option of extending and still having a decent size yard. Bligh Park? 80's development. Tiny yards. No fun. You're better off buying in an area that was developed before 1980 because you'll just have more space. To park a car, to throw a ball, or (to use my benchmark) to be able to hang a wee in your yard without the neighbours complaining.

Oh, and that bit about reaching 30 and being a bit more focused and happy with who you are? I actually agree with you. I've had a lot of my paradigms shaken and wrung-out since my 30th birthday, and I'm much better for it. Life is good.

Joel Baltaks said...

Yeah, 6/8 songs do rock, in a hyped up kind of way. I'm thinking of Buy Me a Pony, here. Intense. It's good when you discover or rediscover a genre or persuasion of music. I reckon appreciation of music is something that grows and changes over time, partly dependent of what attitude you're in - eg. aggressive, chilled out, etc.
I can't think of any more songs in 6/8 off the top of my head though.