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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Culmonation of Random Thoughts

This is another of those "a few thoughts that don't deserve a whole post" posts. So here's some random thoughts.

My friend Noel has a blog! It is common amongst my friends for us to presure the non-initiated into getting blogs, and we have finally suceeded in another conversion. MWAHAHAHA!!! Anyway, here for your hyperlinked pleasure is Noel's blog. Make comment, enjoy and encourage him to continue.

Today I heard my boss organising a plot and a tombstone for his father. This is a concept with which I struggle, as it's pretty much an inevitability that I too will be doing this one day for my own parents. There's a little bit more to this as far as I feel about the whole situation, but I wrote it and then decided it would be more respectful to keep my thoughts to myself.

This week I read a discussion between Mac and Windows advocates about the possibilities for OSX and the new Intel Macs. This quote came about during a discussion about whether people who liked OSX, if it were possible, would buy cheaper PC hardware from say Dell, and then run OSX on that. The comment that one Mac advocate made just affirms my belief as to why Apple Mac continues to turn a profit:
"I still wouldn’t buy OS X for my PC. I would buy a Mac. The design of Mac alone makes it worthwhile."

Mmm - so you'd pay more for the same machine because of the design (and brand, obviously). It's like paying $50 for a $10 t-shirt because it's ripped in a trendy way and says "Rusty" or some other brandname across the front. Beige boxes are ugly, but nobody pays extra for a beige box.

We've decided to go to Hawkesbury Valley Baptist Church for now! We've given ourselves six months to find out if it's where we'd like to stay, but we believe there is a lot of scope for us to serve, and we really like the attitudes and motivations of the leaders. We believe from what we've seen that they hold simular beliefs to us about the role of organised church in the lives of the Church proper - that is, the Body of Christ; every believer. I'll post more on this as we go along.

Well, that's about it for now. More to come, I assure you.

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